The role of TLU SA after the war

Brittain's Torched Earth policy completely destroyed agriculture in South Africa.

Brittain's war, based on greed, also had an enormous effect on the progress of agriculture in South Africa. 

After the war, everything had to be built up and developed from the ground. TLU SA faced great challenges to support farmers. 

It cost millions to get not just agriculture, but the country as a whole, back on its feet. TLU SA played an integral part. 

And again today, TLU SA will play an important part in the future of agriculture in the country. 


The Transvaalse Landbou Unie is founded

First Congress

Requests government to create a Department of Agriculture

11 October 1899

War breaks out

1899 to 1902

The Anglo-Boer War

Farmhouses are burnt down, animal feed and crops are destroyed and thousands of women, children, elderly and farmworkers are interned through Brittain's Scorched Earth policy

31 May 1902

The Peace of Vereeniging is signed

South Africans return to their farms to find everything destroyed. They have to start building up their farms again

After the War

TLU plays an active role in supporting farmers to rebuild their farms including homes, crops and equipment

4 November 1907

With the help of TLU the South African Landbou- en Landbank (Agriculture and Landbank) is created to support farmers financially


Koöperasies are created. These organisations buy and negotiate agricultural products in bulk to the benefit of farmers

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